AH Video Package

The 2017 internal communication video package includes 108 videos—12 monthly editions that each include nine videos:

  • INSIDE AH: (4) news segments shot on-site at AH locations
  • REGIONAL UPDATES: (4) regional CEO interviews
  • AH UPDATE: (1) Scott Reiner, Bill Wing or their designee

The videos are designed to communicate important system-wide news and messages to employees. AH will handle the distribution.

Workflow for AH Video Distribution Process

Video Worksheet Instructions

We will use this information in both filming and editing, so names and titles must be accurate to avoid added costs. These videos will be delivered in a rolling schedule in the order of priority indicated below (1 being top priority).

Five two-minute updates will be delivered by the regional presidents and Scott (or his designee) each month.

  • To keep costs low and due to CEO schedules, we recommend scheduling two months in advance.  
  • AH handles the scheduling of all executives. Allow one hour for each executive (interview and b-roll).
  • All interviews will take place at Roseville in the same location on one day when the execs will already be in town.
  • AH to reserve room. Room must be quiet and large enough to allow space for executives, crew and lights (have used boardroom in the past). Allow for one-hour setup and 30-minute tear-down.
  • AH to supply CMBell with talking points from the executives one week prior to each shoot.

INSIDE AH (30-Second News Segments)
Four 30-second news segments each month.

  • In cases where a Flash News video (a video that couldn’t be scheduled in advance due to its late-breaking nature) needs to be developed, use the Flash News worksheet.
  • CMBell will handle the scheduling once the worksheet is received.

INSIDE AH Flash News
These are short-lead-time, 30-second INSIDE AH news segments that constitute one of the four monthly INSIDE AH spots, but which can’t be scheduled months in advance because they are late-breaking news. This worksheet is to be used only for late breaking-news spots.

AH Responsibilities

  1. Identify topics for nine stories each month.
  2.  Schedule the AH/REGIONAL UPDATES with AH executives and regional CEOs. 
  3. Identify and confirm on-site logistics coordinator (communicator) for INSIDE AH news segments.
  4. Provide name and title of person(s) to be interviewed.
  5. Submit video worksheet two months prior to date of first video release (except for Flash News, which will have a faster turnaround).
  6. Obtain and keep any necessary releases.
  7. Reserve rooms where necessary.
  8. Remind executives of interviews and ensure they are present [for them].
  9. Prioritize the order in which videos are delivered.
  10. Upload and distribute videos.
  11. Manage all reviews and provide a single contact for approvals.

CMBell Responsibilities

  1. Set up shoot date for INSIDE AH 30-second news segments, once we receive the needed information.
  2. Conduct shoot.
  3. Edit videos based on the talking points provided.

Note: The talking points provide the guide for both interviewing and editing. Changes to these that occur after the interview could result in additional costs.

Choosing and Coaching Interviewees

INSIDE AH (30-Second News Segments)
These are informal news segments that use a journalistic style. They will feature b-roll and one interviewee who has been a champion for the project's success to date or who is a good spokesperson for the project. Schedule this interview for 30 minutes.

These interviews will take place on days where the executives will be at the corporate office, for the sake of efficiency. Executives should be given one hour each for their interview; the crew will need one hour to set up before the first interview.

The executives should wear what they would normally wear to work. General guidelines:

  • Wear medium-toned, solid colors.
  • Accents of discreet prints are fine, but avoid bold patterns.
  • Collars are often flattering.
  • Participants who normally wear make-up may wish to bring along any make-up for touch-ups before the shoot, since camera lights tend to wash out faces.

Prepping Your Interviewees
These videos will not require prepared speeches or teleprompters. They will be based on a live interview, which will be edited using the best takes. Interviewees should come having thought through the questions and with confirmed data, if available, that shows results.

It's important that the interviewee understands the importance of being on time, as many times the schedule will be tight and rescheduling will add costs.


If you need assistance filling out the video worksheets and submitting them, please contact:

Christian Bell
509-525-2216, ext. 113