Andrae's Kitchen Video

Video can reveal a brand and showcase product to attract new customers

It took us a while to discover Andrae's Kitchen, given its unexpected location in a gas station, but we soon became fans of Chef Andrae's explosively flavored culinary creations and saw such potential for a video to help grow his business.

When we first approached Andrae about the idea, he'll admit, he wasn't sure what kind of story could be told about a restaurant in a gas station. But we were certain he had a story that would resonate—and he agreed to give it a go.

After conducting the interview and the b-roll (don't the food pictures speak for themselves?), we were even more convinced that the video would be a success.

What makes his video successful is not only that it authentically reflects him and his brand, but that his story is unexpected. We want to know what motivates a chef of his caliber to serve up such savory fare in a gas station. 

Along the way, those who take their own path in business and in life can find more than a little inspiration in his story—and that's the power of a good story.

My jaw hit the floor. I never thought a gas station could look sexy, but it did.
— Chef Andrae

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