Associated Veterinary Medical Center

Using video to convey the powerful bond between people and pets—and as a tool to grow business


CHALLENGE: A veterinary clinic is looking to increase visibility and consumer preference for their clinic in order to grow their business.

SOLUTION: By capturing their team’s interactions with real clients and their pets, the viewer immediately senses that these are people who will not only provide good medical care, but who will love their animals and understand the important role they play in their lives. Nothing does this as well as taking the viewer behind the scenes via video.

RESULT: The video has appeal not only to existing clients, but to the population in general, because it shows the love between people and pets. It offers a convincing emotional message that evokes trust and activates a shared loved of animals—all of which are vital to selecting a veterinary clinic. Within the first day it had 2,700 views, and within two weeks it had more than 15,000 views, 142 shares and 52 rave reviews in the comments. And the numbers continue to climb. Not only has the video revealed the powerful “why” that drives this team’s work with animals, it has evoked an emotional connection with viewers and has been a catalyst for faithful fans to share their unpaid, unsolicited testimonials in the comments section on Facebook.


You can grow your business.