Client Showcase: 2008 Key Technology Annual Report

One of the pleasures of running this company is the wonderful long-standing relationships we have had with our clients. For a decade now, Key Technology has partnered with us to produce their annual report. With products at work on six continents, they're the world leader in developing equipment that processes, sorts and removes defects from food and pharmaceuticals—ensuring safer, fresher and purer products are supplied to people around the world. Each year we have the pleasure of working with this group of talented individuals to tell their corporate story. We love this project because it often allows us to showcase food, which is such a beautiful subject.

Their 2008 report features a custom die-cut cover and gloss spot UV finish that depicts the impact of Key's products on the food market. The shot of their executive team was taken in one of the beautiful vineyards of the Walla Walla valley just before dusk, when the light is warm and beautiful, making the background look as though it was painted.