Are you hoping to market to mature women?

Women between the ages of 40 and 58 are the single largest growing segment of the population, at 39.9 million, according to the 2005 US Census. Boomer women have more time and money, and women age 50 and above control more than half of the discretionary spending in the country. (Marketing to Women, 2003)

So how do you reach this audience? First, by understanding how they think. In a 2007 womanology study by bvk, women in this age group used these words to describe their life stage: confident, happy, self-assured, smart, empowered, adventurous. They are moving from fulfilling their duties to fulfilling their desires as children leave the home and the rewards of careers have been experienced.

In the world of health care, the mature woman wants caregivers who show her respect by listening, include her in the decision-making, and take the time explain both the diagnosis and treatment. But these general guidelines can be adapted to any industry.