Client Showcase: Emergency Department Campaign

Everyone who has ever been to an emergency room can relate to this message, which promises shorter wait times. There's always a delicate balance in this kind of advertising to be sure the message doesn't promise more than it can deliver. We've seen other similar emergency room campaigns that feature bold promises that are weakened in the body copy with all kinds of disclaimers. Others are cagey—and if you're not discerning, lead you to believe that you'll see a physician right away, but actually promise only that you'll be taken to a patient  room right away. It's always better to "under promise" and "over deliver," but a promise that is too soft can fail to compel.

We shot a custom image for this ad to make it distinctive, and featured a promise that was both relevant and truthful. It's impossible to miss this message even if you just glance at the ad quickly--as the story and headline deliver the punchline without making the reader work too hard.