Fingers in the Sand: The Power of Images

In this moving and remarkable artistic interpretation of how ordinary people were affected by World War II, 24-year-old Kseniya Simonova uses her fingers to draw a series of images on an illuminated sand table. She won the top prize on Ukraine’s Got Talent with her artistic presentation.

The scene morphs from a happy couple holding hands to warplanes appearing, then to a tearful face of a woman whose smile returns with the arrival of a baby. We next see a woman’s wrinkled, sad face turn into a monument to a soldier, and in the final scene, mother and child bid farewell to a man outside.
In Ukraine, the war resulted in one of every four of their citizens being killed—11 million deaths. Simonova’s unusual style show us once again the power of images to move something deep inside of us—to say things that words cannot.