Printing Tip #2: Invest in the Relationship

In printed work, the printing of the job is where the final creative work takes place. The artisans in the print shop will make or break the project. They are essential partners in the process who will stand to contribute to both the creative and financial success of the project. So how does one make sure one is getting the best work for the money? There’s a fine line between balancing quality and price, and those who want to get the best of both worlds must be very savvy in both arenas. Here's the second in our series of tips on printing.

Invest in your relationship.

Quality printing comes from developing a relationship that requires communication and education. At the beginning of a relationship, we talk with our printers about our culture, our expectations, how we resolve differences, and how we define quality. We tour their shop, and ask about their processes. If they seem a likely match for our firm, then we begin the process of working with them over time to acquaint them with how we do business. With each new project, we develop a better understanding of how we can work together. This includes our learning about how we can work with them more effectively, too.