Outdoor Advertising Offers More Than Traditional Billboards

Considering its cost, its effectiveness and the range of options, outdoor advertising can be an ideal supporting media for your ad campaign. Outdoor advertising can include:

  • Junior Posters—These are displays positioned close to street level and targeting pedestrian traffic on secondary arterials in urban areas.
  • Poster—Posters are good for new product campaigns, promotions, seasonal and special events.
  • Bulletins—The largest standard-sized form of out-of-home advertising, these are found on expressways and primary arteries and offer the benefit of heavy traffic.
  • Buses—These gain high exposure with pedestrians and vehicles, and carry your message to where the people are.
  • Transit Shelters—These are along busy bus routes, are backlit for night viewing, and are sometimes available where larger media are not permitted.
  • Bus Benches—These reach mobile customers and are located at eye-level within bus stops in high traffic area.
  • Digital Displays—These are the future of out-of-home advertising. Using an LED technology, these rotate messages every 10-12 seconds, don't involve production fees, and can be put up within hours. Messages can be changed easily, so these can accommodate time-sensitive material well.

With more people spending time on the go, outdoor advertising can be an effective way to build brand awareness.