How well are you prepared to protect your reputation in a crisis?

Bad things can and do happen to good organizations. In fact, issues that may be out of public sight can surface and create severe image-damaging situations at any moment in time. To see if you’re prepared, ask yourself the following:

  1. Do you have a crisis management plan?
  2. Have you identified which team members you'll trust internally during a high profile event?
  3. Are the right decision makers and managers ready to act and make decisions quickly?
  4. Do you have a trained spokesperson who can effectively mitigate, manage and present a believable face for your organization when the media calls?
  5. Can you activate the right political and regulatory agencies to either be neutral or come to your support?

If you're concerned about your readiness for such a crisis, consider conducting (or hiring an outside firm to do so) an audit to identify your weak points. A good crisis communication plan can not only help preserve your reputation and avoid lawsuits, but help your company survive the financial setbacks these kinds of crises can create.