Color Psychology: What does yellow say?

"Follow the yellow brick road..." —Dorothy in the "Wizard of Oz"

As the color of the sun, yellow owns the attributes of heat, vitality, energy and light. This extroverted color is confident, friendly, warm and inspires the imagination. Yellow is an important color in human development, as one of the most attractive colors to an infant's eye. It is also the color that is most visible, heightens awareness and creates clarity. Because of its ability to attract attention, yellow is often used in signage, point of purchase displays and packaging.

Consider the meaning of various shades of yellow as you select colors to support your messages:

  • Light yellow: cheering, happy, soft, sunny, warming, sweet, easy, pleasing,
  • Bright yellow: illuminating, joyful, hot, lively, friendly, energetic, innovative, surprise, caution (cowardice, betrayal, hazard)
  • Golden yellow: nourishing, buttery, tasty, sun-baked, hospitable, comfort
  • Amber: jewelry, multi-cultural, mellow, abundant, original, autumn
  • Metallic gold: rich, glowing, intuitive, luxurious, opulent, expensive, radiant, valuable