Eight Reasons to Celebrate Your Company’s Anniversaries


CMBell Company was in Los Angeles at White Memorial Medical Center last week to begin work on the planning for their Centennial

A company anniversary provides an opportunity to breathe new life into your organization—to offer a kind of oasis in the press of daily work. A strategically planned anniversary celebration can:

  1. Recognize the people who make your success possible
  2. Deepen bonds with your community, customers and staff
  3. Inspire deeper engagement
  4. Infuse the workplace with meaning
  5. Shift internal focus from problems to achievements
  6. Reinforce your culture, mission and values
  7. Attract positive press
  8. Provide a foundation for casting vision for the future

There’s no rule about which anniversaries you should celebrate. Whether it’s f a 15th (ours, next year), a 20th, or a 100th, these occasions provide valuable time for reflection and celebration—both of which yield subtle but important fruits in the work place.