It's pretty. But can it sell?

When  a project finally gets to the design stage we explore and create with  an eye towards selling. We weigh every image, every color choice, every  typography choice to see if it says, conveys, evokes and depicts exactly  what it must in order to persuade.

More  ideas than not get tossed aside in our relentless pursuit of the best  idea. This delightful little video shows an insider’s view of this  process of creating, discarding and arriving at just the right place—the  place that powerfully sells an idea or product.

Words,  pictures, colors—these form the framework of every communicator’s  toolbox. The final test is not whether it’s beautiful (though we do love  that), but whether it influences the target audience’s decision to try,  buy, engage, support or give.

What ideas have you seen that should have been discarded because they didn’t pass the “sell well” test?