Consumers Prefer Direct Mail and Email

According to a 2011 study,  consumers prefer to receive direct mail and email when hearing from companies who want to do business with them.

  • Three in four people (71%) welcome receiving direct mail from organizations they are already customers of, and 57% said it was appropriate communication for prospective customers, as well.
  • 78% of people say they willingly accept emails from companies they patronize; the figure dropped to 52% for prospective customers.
  • Less than one in 10 (9%) of existing customers feel that receiving marketing text messages is appropriate, and just 4% feel it is acceptable for companies to contact prospective customers this way.

Consumers are using technology to control their relationships with brands and filter out unwanted communications. Chris Combemale, executive director of the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) UK states: “As Acxiom’s survey highlights, consumers are very clear about how they want to be contacted, with mail and email continuing to be their preferred channels. Above all they respond best when the communication is timely, relevant, and targeted. This should be at the forefront of every marketer’s mind in these tough times, as they fight to retain customers and win new ones.”

Source:  Marketing Magazine, Consumers Use Technology to Filter Relationships with Brands, Says Report, September 1, 2011. The survey, commissioned in July among 1,000 UK consumers and 200 marketers.  The full results can be found in: 'Tug of Love: How technology is changing the relationship between consumers and brands – and what marketers can do about it'.