Client Showcase: Calendar to Promote Early Literacy

We were delighted to partner with Umatilla County Special Library District to develop a calendar to help promote literacy in young children, since this is a cause we care about.

We identified a local artist who agreed to develop custom illustrations that brought to life the client's desired monthly themes. Every spread features not only this colorful and playful artwork and calendar, but recommended authors and activities to promote literacy among children. The calendar will be used for parents, teachers and caregivers as they help children develop language skills.

One can still make the case for the practicality of a calendar—even in an age of technology—because of its ability to be present in a home or office over an entire year. What other printed piece has this longevity?

Not only does a calendar have duration and presence, it can offer the chance to inspire and teach while still fulfilling that work-horse role as a calendar.