Ad Envy: Mt. Sinai Medical Center


This ad created by DeVito/Verdi was featured in Communication Arts Advertising Annual Volume 51. Here are some reasons we think it works:

  1. An effective use of white space draws your eye to the important elements on the page.
  2. Although it doesn’t use the typical photos of smiling doctors and patients, it’s still clear this is a health care ad because of the prominence of the words “Doctor” and “Hospital.” Also this ad boldly breaks two design guidelines—avoid centering text and using all capital letters—but in this case, you can see that ignoring these rules makes for a very striking composition.
  3. The ad is suggestive of a joke, and uses that to get our attention. It then juxtaposes the joke into a serious topic, and makes us want to read more.

But we have to ask what you think about the use of this particular image. How does it play into the overall ad’s effectiveness?