Color Psychology: Make a Statement With Orange

When oranges were introduced to Europe, they were known as the fruit of the gods, emperors and kings. They quickly became popular in fine art and represented exotic lands. By the mid 20th century, however, the color orange lost popularity with the elite and came to represent fast food restaurants. It is currently enjoying a new popularity in Web, industrial design and consumer products.

Orange adds zest and is suggestive of tangy, spicy foods. Because of its close ties to red, orange is a physical, high-visibility color that demands attention. However, its connection to yellow tames it, making it a more friendly and warmer color than red. It is gregarious, fun-loving, optimistic and a favorite of children.

Wondering if orange is the right color for your business? Consider the many faces of orange:

  • Peach: nurturing, soft, delicious, fruity, sweet, inviting, warm, intimate, modest
  • Coral: life force, energizing, flexible, desire
  • Tangerine: vital, juicy, fruitful, energizing, tangy
  • Vibrant orange: fun, whimsical, childlike, happy, glowing, hot, energizing, active, friendly, jovial, persuasive, animated, loud, raucous, frivolous
  • Ginger: spicy, flavorful, tangy, pungent, exotic
  • Terra Cotta: earthy, warm, country, wholesome, welcoming, abundance