Client Showcase: ER Radio Spot: Five Tips to Better Radio Creative

We developed a radio spot for this Colorado hospital that wanted to communicate a message about their emergency center’s Level 2 trauma designation. Because most consumers don’t know what this designation means, we used fictional dialogue to help them understand what it would mean to them in an emergency.

Radio can be a valuable part of your media mix, but make sure your creative works. Use this simple test to determine if yours does:

  1. Get the audience's attention with the opening line. This makes them decide whether they want to tune to your message—or tune out.

  2. Keep it simple. Resist the urge to try to convey too much, and stick to one key message for your ad.

  3. Know your audience. Speak to things they care about.

  4. Translate. Don’t expect consumers to know your lingo. Use language they understand.

  5. Repeat. Repetition is essential if you want to saturate your market with your message.