A Dog's Day

This was a busy week at CMBell Company—so busy that I recruited any and all the help I could find. This is Blitz, our resourceful Shitzhu, taking his turn at typing. Or was there a treat on the keyboard?

It was good week, and I'd like to end with a shout out for my staff. I really do have the best team one could hope to work with. They consistently exceed my expectations for creativity, resourcefulness, and thoughtful insights, inspiring me and teaching me in countless ways. Plus they're all just remarkable people—smart, kind, hard-working, honest and willing to tackle anything for our clients. I always say that one of the reasons we run our own business is because we get to pick the best people in the world to work with—and to work for.

So here's to you—Team CMBell. Yeah, and you too, Blitz. OK, you can go back to your rug now.