AirAsia Explores the Possibilities of Facebook

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Kathleen Tan, Regional Head of Commercial for AirAsia, has tapped into the power of Facebook to reach customers. She says that Facebook is a powerful tool to encourage customers to engage with their brand. AirAsia recently used Facebook to advertise a sales event offering people discounted tickets for one day only. They posted teaser ads before the event, which people then shared on their friends' walls. On the day of the event they sold a record 589,000 seats in 24 hours.

When the recent eruption of volcanic ash was disrupting flights, AirAsia used Facebook to communicate with their fans about which flights were canceled or delayed. They provided live information so people could know the status of their flights. 

Additionally AirAsia uses Facebook as way to listen to their fans, encouraging fans to post comments on their wall about recent trips and their experiences. AirAsia also encourages suggestions from their fans and uses these to provide the client with the experience they want.

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