Color Psychology: Brown Doesn't Have to be Boring

"There is, after all, safety in umbers.

" —Leatrice Eiseman

Historically, brown has been the color most identified with the earth and hard work. It was seen as pious, economical and industrious by religious and Puritan moralist groups. Brown has been seen as a benign and non-threatening color. Through the years, the color has taken on new meanings. Embraced by sporting enthusiasts, it has come to popularity with hunters, fishers, bikers, hikers and campers. But brown also has the ability to expand appetite—think cappucino, espresso, chocolate mousse, caramel and hot fudge. In addition, brown has captured the fashionable luxury goods market.

Don't be too quick to dismiss brown as boring!

  • Tans: rugged, outdoor, rustic, woodsy
  • Chocolate/Coffee Brown: delicious, rich, robust, appetizing
  • Earth Brown: earthy, grounded, steady, rooted, wholesome, warm, durable, natural, traditional