Have you heard about Facebook's EdgeRank?

Have you noticed how only certain people's posts show up in your news feed? This is because Facebook uses something called EdgeRank to determine which status updates you will see in your top news feed. In order to do this, Facebook has developed an algorithm which takes into account affinity, weight and time decay.

  • Affinity is determined by your interaction with another user or page. The more you view their page or content, the higher your affinity score will be for them.
  • Weight is calculated by the ways you interact with other pages or users. For example, commenting on a picture will have a higher weight than simply liking it.
  • Time is probably the easiest to understand, and simply means that the older a post, the lower a score it will have.

If you want to test your EdgeRank score,


  has developed an algorithm which allows you to do so. This score is closely related to how visible your status updates are on your fans' pages.

If you get a poor score, here are  some ways to improve it.

  • Try to focus on posting content that encourages interaction such as photos, videos,  links or questions.  
  • Ask for feedback from users. Encourage people to comment and to like your entries.
  • Pose questions to your readers.
  • Be a frequent user. The more you share, the higher your chance of interaction will be.

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