Seven Ways to Get Your Message Out Without Costly Media Buys

Using video in your marketing strategy is no longer a luxury—in many cases, it’s now considered an essential part of any messaging strategy.

Once you’ve developed the video, make sure you’re maximizing your investment by taking advantage of the many free distribution methods.

  1. Company website. Increase traffic and interaction by including video on your Web page.
  2. Company lobbies. Many companies are using HD video screens in high traffic areas, making it an ideal place for key messages.
  3. Mobile. Mobile is the media of the future, so repurposing video with mobile in mind can be a great idea for the right message.
  4. Post on your company Facebook page.
  5. Share it with your circle of influence by posting it on other social media sites, like Linked In.
  6. Post on your company You Tube channel. If you don’t have one, now’s the time to set it up.
  7. Send an email link. Depending on the message, this can go to employees (remember, they’re a sales force too), stakeholders, donors, board members, volunteers and customers.