Color Psychology: The Hidden Meanings in Purple

The most magical and intriguing color, purple pairs meditative blue with explosive red. It is a complex color and not often appreciated by left brained, analytical thinkers. Purple is often a great alternate when either blue or red seem an obvious choice.

Purple is often an acquired taste, like many of the flowers and foods that bear it's hue. In ancient times, only the very wealthy could afford to buy purple garments, as the dyes were extracted from tiny mollusks and it took about 336,000 of the tiny snails to yield one ounce of dye. Thus purple became the color of kings, queens, nobles and wealthy, powerful patrons. The color also took on certain mystical, heavenly, transcendental or spiritual properties.

  • Lavender: romantic, nostalgic, fanciful, lightweight, lightly scented, playful
  • Mauve: wistful, sentimental, thoughtful, feminine
  • Amethyst: curative, protective, peace of mind
  • Blue Purples: contemplative, meditative, spiritual, soul-searching, intuitive, mysterious, enchanting
  • Red Purples: sensual, thrilling, intensely exciting, dramatic, creative, witty, expressive
  • Deep Purples: visionary, rich, royal, prestigious, subduing, distant, introspective (aloof)