Color Psychology: Blue is the Color of Calm and Constancy

"Blue very profoundly develops the element of calm."

—Vasily Kandinsky

Maybe there's a reason that blue is the #1 choice for corporate branding and identity, as many hope to cash in on the intrinsic belief that blue represents constancy, quality and achievement. It's also safe, secure and calming—and universally liked.

Blue often brings to mind the serenity of a clear, cloudless sky, a calm sea and a feeling of familiarity. 

Blue became the color of respected honors, like the blue ribbon of quality and skill.  It is also a popular color that is safe—and less controversial than some others.

 They're probably out there, but we've rarely met a male executive who didn't like blue.

  • Light Blue: calm, quiet, patient, peaceful, cool, water, clean
  • Sky Blue: calming, cool, heavenly, constant true, tranquil, trusting, serene, expansive, open
  • Bright Blue: electric, energy, brisk, vibrant, flags, stirring, impressive, aquatic, exhilarating
  • Periwinkle: genial, lively, sprightly, convivial, cordial
  • Deep Blue: credible, authoritative, basic, conservative, classic, strong, reliable, traditional, uniforms, service, nautical, loyal, confident, professional, introspective (can also be seen as aloof, distant, melancholy)