Color Psychology: Blue is the Color of Calm and Constancy

I never get tired of the blue sky.
— Vincent van Gogh

Maybe there's a reason that blue is the #1 choice for corporate branding and identity, as many hope to cash in on the intrinsic belief that blue represents constancy, quality, and achievement. It does seem to be a color that many executives like—and as you can see, we’ve used it for our own brand because of its classic, timeless appeal.


Blue puts us in a peaceful frame of mind, helps remove our walls, and opens conversation. Social networking sites employ the color nearly to excess. A quick glance at your smartphone will likely reveal app icons in various shades of blue.


The color of ocean and sky, blue is perceived as a constant in our lives.
— Kate Smith, International Color Expert


Historically speaking, blue took awhile to catch on. The Greeks didn't even have a word for it—describing blue things such as the sea as "wine dark." For thousands of years, it was seen as a background color if identified at all. However, during the Middle Ages, blue glass was introduced to cathedral stained glass windows, and the veneration of the Virgin Mary included a dictate that she be depicted in ultramarine pigment, since it was the most expensive pigment. 

Blue became the color of respected honors, like the blue ribbon of quality and skill. It is also a popular color that is safe and less controversial than some others. Blue often brings to mind the serenity of a clear, cloudless sky, a calm sea, and a feeling of familiarity. It's also secure and calming—and universally liked.

So it should come as no surprise that blue is one of the most popular colors in the world of finance. A blue chip company is able to weather adverse economic conditions and are generally profitable.



True blue. Technology is a fast-changing industry, and with so many new players, reliability is key. Blue serves as a solid and dependable branding foundation for many of the top tech companies.


Blue very profoundly develops the element of calm.
— Vasily Kandinsky


Peaceful, calm and gentle, blue can help calm your mind, slow down your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and reduce anxiety. Brands whose products are used to soothe and comfort often choose blue.



In summary, blue is a popular branding color for companies that want to express the following attributes:

  • Light Blue: calm, quiet, patient, peaceful, cool, water, clean

  • Sky Blue: calming, cool, heavenly, constant true, tranquil, trusting, serene, expansive, open

  • Bright Blue: electric, energy, brisk, vibrant, flags, stirring, impressive, aquatic, exhilarating

  • Periwinkle: genial, lively, sprightly, convivial, cordial

  • Deep Blue: credible, authoritative, basic, conservative, classic, strong, reliable, traditional, timeless, service, nautical, loyal, confident, professional, introspective; note that it can also be seen as aloof, distant, melancholy

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