15 Year Anniversary: New Ways of Helping You Succeed

15 Year Anniversary Icon.jpg

In response to this changing landscape, we’ve been thinking about what will make you more successful. Out of this has grown the addition of several new services—and enhancements of existing services.


We now have regional videographers in several major markets where we conduct a lot of work, so are able to compete even more competitively on the price of developing video productions. Consider us if you need:

  • Simple, affordable mini-documentaries that feature high quality interviews and b-roll. Video is now a medium of choice if you ask many consumers how they want information, and a must have for any progressive organization’s website. See examples.
  • Creative, emotive pieces that reinforce messages, mission and culture or inspire people to buy, give, support, join or advocate for your product or service. See examples.
  • Fun, entertaining, or reality-type videos that convey a message in unconventional ways. Remember that consumers are now looking for entertainment in advertising messages. 

Motion Graphics

These are perfect for stimulating Web traffic and delivering a message with words, photos, music and animation—without the cost of video footage. They can be produced quickly and affordably, and amp up the effectiveness of your message—making it more likely to be shared via social media. See examples.

Web Messaging

With Web moving to the center of all of our lives as a primary repository of communication, we can bring together all the tools needed to create a powerful presence for you—either by creating your website or by providing messaging and images for a particular product or service on your existing site. We can help you determine what your site should say—as well as do the writing, design and development. See examples.

Proprietary Marketing for Physician Practices

With decades of combined experience helping hospitals and patients launch new services and practices, our proprietary marketing for physicians can jump start your physician practice. If you’re paying a physician’s salary and he or she isn’t seeing many patients, this becomes a very smart business move that should easily justify its costs.

We continue to offer the services we have in the past—but with these new and enhanced services, we now offer more ways to help you tell your story, drive business, and drive revenues to your bottom line.