Six Leadership Tips for 2012

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As we’re contemplating our 15th anniversary, we’ve had time to reflect on not only our company’s future, but the role of business in our communities and countries. Leadership, we all know, is so critical.

In a recent Forbes article, Mike Myatt listed six sound leadership tips for 2012:

  1. Make your family first.

  2. Create times for thinking and being—not just doing. As he wisely says, “Leadership doesn’t always mean doing.”

  3. Listen better. Value the ideas of others, and don’t always be in a rush to impart your own.

  4. Unlearning. It’s always good to evaluate some of the ideas we hold that need to be let go.

  5. Engage with those you lead and serve.

  6. Read. Myatt says that to a person, the best leaders he knows are prolific readers. His goal? To read 100 books in 2012.

You can read the full article here. And when you’re done, share your list with us.