The Difference Between Good and Bad Writing is Sales

We decry the plethora of pedestrian copy that populates the world of business communication and sales. Why must it be boring? Tiresome? Mediocre?

An idea, after all, is no good whatsoever if you can’t communicate it to a prospective client, consumer, donor, board member, community leader. Surely an idea worth having is worth investing in the time and talent to convey its value. 

If you want a customers to change their buying or loyalty habits, your writing must do these three things:

  • Get their attention. (Yes, amid the noise of ALL the daily voices they hear.)
  • Get them to absorb your message. (Draw them in, hold their attention.)
  • Deliver something they care about—in a way that motivates engagement. (Not the job of novice writers.)

If your writing doesn’t reinforce the superiority of your product or service, doesn’t give them reasons to change or reinforce the consumer’s behavior or viewpoint, then it hasn’t done its job. Good writing is more than good grammar—it must move people to buy, try or support your product or service.

Need some inspiration? Here’s an example of a piece we wrote for our own website. We dare you to stop midway.