How to Get the Best Work from Your Agency

When we receive kudos for a successful project, it’s always a reflection on the client—as well as on our own firm. We’ve been fortunate to work for clients who know how to inspire the very best work in their creative team.

Here’s what an ANA and AAAA survey found that agencies said helped them to produce top quality work: 

  1. Giving the agency the necessary time and resources to do its best work
  2. Working with the agency in a collaborative manner that puts a premium on mutual respect
  3. Identifying and articulating the outcomes the agency’s work is expected to produce
  4. Providing clear and complete direction
  5. Providing constructive, timely feedback
  6. Understanding the problems and opportunities facing the brand and identifying key success drivers
  7. Ensuring that all relevant information and necessary personnel are made available to the agency

Agencies and businesses are partners working together to achieve your business goals. On the flip side, we’re always interested in hearing what agencies can do to ensure that you receive the best creative solutions for your business challenges.

What are your biggest frustrations when working with an agency?