How to Create Your Company's Social Media Policy: Part 2

This time we’ll continue with our list of some of the items you might want to include in your social media policy.

11.  Support claims with data, when possible.

12.  Stay within the law on copyright, trademark or other legal matters.

13.  Use impeccable grammar, a polite tone and accurate facts.

14.  Don’t take a public position on things that aren’t approved by your management.

15.  Don’t engage in controversial conversations.

16.  Don’t use the company brand to endorse a personal opinion or cause.

17.  Remember that once something is posted it is public, so think carefully before posting anything.

18.  Don’t participate in personal social media interactions during work time.

19.  Don’t post work that is a product of your company and display it as your own work.

20.  Don’t develop your own blog or website that promotes work similar to what your employer pays you for.

As you develop guidelines for your official social media commentators, remember to clearly identify who can post comments and to outline how negative and anonymous posts should be handled.

What would you add to this list?