Five Ways Good Design Can Make Your Business More Successful: Part 1

Good design is a competitive advantage.

So if your visual brand—the things people can see about your company like your Web site, advertising, logo and communications—isn’t measuring up, it’s almost certain your reputation and revenues will suffer.

Today’s consumer has very sophisticated visual tastes. We have come to expect good design in everything from our toasters to our entertainment to our vehicles because we can.

If you’ve always thought of good design as a luxury, or a tool of the select, it’s time to rethink your brand management. Here’s the first in a two-part series about what good design could be doing for you:

Design reinforces your brand message—sometimes delivering it more powerfully than words

Apple has managed to sell a commodity item—the personal computer—to consumers who were afraid of computers. Their design—simple, serene, calming—suggests confidence, accessibility and lack of complexity. It telegraphs “I’m not as complicated as you think.” It breaks down fear. Alas, it allures—before a single word has even been spoken.

Good design pleases

Beauty is an elixir for stress. Bombarded by images all day long, we yearn for something that settles our soul—and often find this yearning tended by visual beauty, whether it’s natural or human-inspired.  Successful businesses know that beauty and good design sells. Target has masterfully understood this, bringing good design to consumer products as simple as desk accessories and spatulas.

In our next blog entry, we’ll share the remaining three ways design can make your business successful. In the meantime, can you add any examples?

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