Five Reasons You Absolutely Must Budget for Better Pictures

Despite the fact that first impressions of a brand are now often made online rather than in person, we’re surprised to see how many companies are still relying on tired, poor quality images to represent their brand. 

Many organizations hire talented architects and product designers to create places or products with visual appeal—then fail to use photographs that live up to their brand, even though it would cost a fraction of what they’ve invested in the product.

If you’re not budgeting for professional photos—relying instead on images taken by amateurs—you’re putting your brand at risk.  Here’s what good pictures can do for you:

  1. Photos are efficient communicators. Because we want to get our information in the fastest way possible, we rely on photos to say in seconds what countless words could never say.

  2. Images are more memorable. A powerful image will stay with you long after the words have exited your mind.

  3. Images are provocative. Great ones can evoke emotional responses that move us to take action—and almost always impact our view of a brand.

  4. Photos can reduce complexity. If what you’re trying to say is complicated, showing a good image can simplify it.

  5. Photos allow us to envision being part of the brand story. We can see ourselves eating the food, experiencing the cruise, wearing the shoes or using the technology.

Make great photos the center of your brand’s visual story—and see how your brand will benefit.

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