Five Ways Good Design Can Make Your Business More Successful: Part 2

In our last blog entry, we talked about how people now expect good design in everything from their consumer goods to their entertainment—and shared two of the five ways good design can make your business more successful. Here are the remaining three:

Good design differentiates

Find three random websites—for services or products you’re unfamiliar with—and spend five seconds looking at each of their home pages. Then determine which company was good, which was better and which was best. You don’t need a degree in art to discern this. While you may not be able to describe why you made the judgment, at the subconscious level you know. Good design immediately telegraphs competence.

Good design can elevate a brand

Good design can imply relevance, savvy, finesse and confidence. It can take a commodity product and make it prestigious. Starbucks is a good example of this. From packaging to place, they use good design to create a brand experience that persuades consumers to pay as much (or more) for their drink as they do for their lunch.

Good design demands attention

Good design can get your product or service noticed. It’s the front door to your brand. No one can appreciate your extraordinary service, your exceptional technology, your innovative prowess—without first visually assessing your product or service through the vehicles that express your brand visually.

You don’t have to be Apple or Target to make good design a competitive advantage. But you do have to make it a priority, commit resources to it and invest in hiring good professional designers—in the same way you’d hire accounting or legal expertise.

Make good design a strategic part of your visual brand—and see how it can transform your image. Your bottom line will thank you.

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