What the Color of the Year Can Do For You or Your Business


The fascinating world of color theory is at work all around us—often causing us to feel or think a certain way about a brand even before we can explain why. The most effective communicators pair well-chosen words and images with an understanding of the moods color can evoke.

Take the 2012 color of the year: Tangerine Tango. Each year, Pantone names a color of the year, which influences every industry from fashion and interior design to advertising. Tangerine Tango, according to Pantone, is a “spirited reddish orange”—vivacious, friendly, warm, magnetic, exotic and energizing.

If you’re looking to suggest any of these attributes in your brand, consider the lively, modern hues of orange. At the very least, a pair of orange shoes might be just what you need to electrify your summer look.

Image Source: Frederic Cirou/Corbis, pantone.com