Should your hospital use Pinterest?

Pinterest can help put a personal face on health care—connecting with consumers on health-related matters. While it isn’t where consumers go for serious medical content, users spend time with Pinterest in the same way they read magazines—looking for inspiration and ideas.

With that in mind, here are some Pinterest boards hospitals might consider creating to start engaging consumer networks:

  • Popular baby names
  • Creative baby announcement
  • Best gifts for patients
  • Healthy tips
  • Healthy recipes
  • Healthy snacks children will eat
  • Newborns (baby picture, interesting newborn shots)
  • Encouraging words
  • Healing design (architectural images)
  • Recommended books on health
  • Hospital gala ideas
  • Causes
  • Inside the hospital (hire a photojournalist to capture engaging photos of people that depict the messages you want to convey)

For more inspiration, check out how other hospitals, like Rex Healthcare , Baylor Health Care System and the Cleveland Clinic are using Pinterest.

Like all social networks, Pinterest needs to have a steady supply of fresh content. So before adding this to your social media channels, think about how you might engage talent from throughout the hospital. Perhaps you have a creative dietician who’d like to be responsible for healthy recipes, or an OB staff member with expertise in photography.

Before heading down this road, make sure you check Pinterest’s latest guidelines for business—which has ever-morphing rules about self-promotion.

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