The One Big Change You Should Make in 2013

Whether or not you’re using Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube, know this: the customers you’re competing for have developed very sophisticated appetites for images.

Your competition now isn’t just your industry competition, but every visual image from every source a customer is exposed to. So regardless of where you’re telling your company’s story, if you’re using so-so images, you’re going to lose to those who aren’t.

If you’re in a business where more people will visit your website than your actual facility, then put your resources into great—not just good—photos. According to Veer, online articles with a photo of any kind get 70% more clicks than those without. And a great photo will not only increase response but elevate the stature of your company.

This does require a change in thought—and professional communicators need to make the case for exceptional photography to their executives and those who allocate budgets. A simple tour through some “best in class” websites might help you make the case. You can also liken the investment in images to an investment in architectural and interior design—though it’s much less expensive. Or in other words, if you care about your front entrance, then you should care about your images.

Check out a few ideas here.

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