Choose Your Words With Care


We love words, but we also fear them. They have so much power, and so often are used carelessly.

In their best light, words can set off a new direction in a person’s life—can shape a company or lead a cause. At its worst, they can destroy. That’s why we are sharing this insightful Harvard Business Review article by Douglas Conant—Leaders, Choose Your Words Wisely.

In this powerful piece, Conant references seven memorable touchpoints that were life-altering for him—32 words total, 20 seconds of conversation total.

One might argue that those of us whose business it is to use words with care should hold ourselves to an even higher standard. But whether you’re a leader, a professional communicator, a friend or a parent, you have the chance to shape the life of another for the better with your words.

What life-changing words from leaders have you been shaped by?