When to Use Video Instead of Print for Your Message


We’re not going to say that print doesn’t still have an effective place in a business’s communication strategy, because it does. But we do believe that the tremendous increase in online content signals a continued shift to video as the consumers’ preferred method of receiving information.

So when should you choose print vs. video? Videos deliver messages better when:

  • Web and social media is the distribution method of choice.
  • You have a limited media buying budget.
  • The product/service excels when showcased visually.
  • You want to show how something works—rather than describe it.
  • A personal connection will attract sales (customer testimonials, for example, or a health care provider who wants to build a practice).
  • Adding music, voice and motion is needed to make the message more arresting.
  • Your target audience is prone to online searches.
  • A great video of your product or service will outshine your competitor.
  • You want to reinforce key points quickly, and need the power of both audio and visual to deliver them.
  • Your message can be entertaining.

In what areas of your life do you prefer to watch a video over reading the same material in print?