Do More Digital Marketing

Looking to deliver more of your message electronically? Consider the following ways to extend the reach of your message:

  • E-letters
  • Mobile apps
  • E-cards
  • Digital outdoor boards
  • Banner ads
  • Blogs

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Mobile Apps

This mobile app for a national association was designed to reach policy makers and was paired with a video to deliver facts that refute common misconceptions about private colleges and universities. A mobile app is a good way to keep important information in the hands of your customers, as it can be deployed and updated quickly.


Sent via an email link, an e-card is a popular and affordable way to connect with your customers in a fresh way.


The National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities put a fresh spin on their annual meetings invitation by commissioning this motion graphic—which was posted on their website and distributed via an email link.

WBC Screen4.png

Point-of-Purchase Electronic Boards

This revolutionary new business used a point-of-purchase electronic display to deliver brand messages.


Web Banner Ads

This hospital banner ad targeted specific customers and paired a holiday message with a subtle message of health—and linked viewers to their website.


Digital Outdoor Boards

This electronic outdoor board placed on well-travelled Los Angeles corridors increased awareness for this regional law firm.