Six Tips for Growing Your Business

If you’re hoping to grow a business, ask yourself these questions about your marketing:

  • Do we have a clear message?
  • Are we making a brand promise consumers care about? 
  • Is the message reaching our target audience? 
  • How intense is competition?
  • How can we deliver complicated information and still make an emotional connection?
  • How well are we able to track referral sources? 

Need some inspiration? >>

If your product is visual—like this beautiful little community nestled in the wine country of eastern Washington—then use pictures to deliver your story. In this short Web video, a Port makes the case for businesses to relocate to their community.

WBC Screen4.png

This revolutionary new business used a point-of-purchase electronic display to deliver brand messages—and this, coupled with their theater-style bread bakery—helped generate instant sales.


A comprehensive regional campaign helped successfully launch this spine center quickly—and the blue man illustration became a recognized and memorable icon for the center, distinguishing it from other health care advertising in the area.

Using direct mail, Web and video to promote this new medical practice delivered a message of clinical competence and created an emotional connection to the caregivers. Patients want as much information as they can find when choosing a doctor—and video is the next best thing to a personal introduction.

This roll-out package included a website, business system, logo, video and brochure. Every element—from colors to type face to content—was designed to bring the hope of relief to people suffering from chronic pain.


Walk-in business increased by 333% in the first two months after we installed this window graphic in a Colorado medical practice.