How to Inspire Employees

Employees need reminders of the purpose of their work to stay engaged and motivated. It’s easy to lose the fire that launched one’s career in the press of our daily demands. This is one of the tasks of leadership—to kindle this fire with regular and authentic messages that help us return to our purposes.

In this video we developed as part of their Centennial messaging, Los Angeles’ White Memorial Medical Center celebrates the deeper purposes that drive their remarkable team to bring passion to their daily work. It reminds the hospital family—doctors, employees, volunteers and community stakeholders—why they do what they do, and why their work matters.

Leaders who want to inspire their employees to bring their best energies and ideas to work can draw from many tools—from their own conversations to a video like this, which speaks to both the visual and auditory senses. Its calm cadence and rich pictures provide a momentary oasis in the day where they can be drawn back to their core purposes. 

Almost all of the photos in this piece were custom shot, which made it a great value for the client. They finished the project with both a video, which was shown at their Centennial Gala and posted on their website and social media sites, and a library of authentic images representing their daily work.

How are you using communication to inspire your employees to do their best?