2013 Web Trend Inspiration

Web trends are always evolving, but here are a few we liked that were highlighted by HongKiat.com.

White space and minimalism

White space has always evoked focus, dignity and calm. Perhaps that’s why people are drawn to it. The restraint required to pare back content to just a few focused messages allows those messages greater impact than when the viewer has to sort through a onslaught of text and images. It’s like entering an oasis of calm in a world of visual clutter. Here are some examples.

Big photography

A picture is worth 1,000 words—especially for products that are visually arresting. We see this technique often used for designers, restaurants, architecture, fashion and photography. Imagine the words it would take to depict the images shown on this site? But don’t try this unless your photos are really worthy.

2013-02-27 12.19.14 pm.png

Infinite scrolling

We’re seeing more of this effect that Pinterest has made so popular. We'd be interested to know what you think about this.

Detailed illustrations

Illustrations can be used to bring about different moods in your website. Look around the Internet, and you’ll find different website galleries and showcases using digital illustrations ranging from whimsical to serious. For more inspiration, click here.

Big typography

Typography can be high impact, if it’s done properly. In these examples, you can see typography taking the lead role on the home page—in place of a photo.

Circular Design Elements

The use of circles within website layouts is gaining popularity. Designers like circles because they are clean, neat and fit into any layout—and they offer a fresh break from the typical rectangular grid we’re used to seeing. For more inspiration on this trend, click here.

Which trends do you like best?

Image Sources: www.diehlgroup.com, www.pinterest.com