4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Web Writing

In a world of too little time and too much information, tight, well-written Web copy can be a true competitive advantage. Consider these four tips for making your Web content work harder.

  1. Think “Apple”—and simplify, simplify, simplify. Less really is more, so strive to cut paragraphs in half, reducing them to the most important idea.
  2. Make all your key points in headlines, subheads, captions and sidebars. Because they are both directional signs pointing the readers to the messages they care about and easy-access content, write these last—after you decide what are the most important points to convey.
  3. Connect the dots. Don’t assume that a reader will take something to its logical end if it’s not obvious.
  4. Never use a long word when a shorter one will do. Enough said.