Is your mission statement forgettable? It needn't be.

There’s no room for health care-speak in this short Centennial motion graphic video we developed for White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles. Illustrated with vibrant custom and stock images, it speaks to the deeply personal side of health care—and the story of how a community and a hospital partner to create a better future. As the “kick-off” piece for the Centennial celebration, it sets the stage for their deeper story to be told throughout the year.

If you're looking to infuse new life into your mission statement:

  • Use beautiful, memorable and fresh language. If it could sound like the mission statement of any competitor, it’s time for an update.
  • Make it short.
  • Bring it to life via video.

A mission statement is an organizational compass that serves as a constant reference point. Because words shape behavior, make sure your mission statement is living up to its potential.

You can see the rest of the video package here.