4 Ways to Build a Better Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is either created by design or by default. Good leaders know these secrets of building culture:

Tireless talk. There is never a time you can stop talking about the attributes of your culture that are important to you. Continuous repetition of simple, key messages—over and over again—help focus employees on what’s important to your organization.

Cohesiveness. Talk is only good if its consistent with policies and behaviors. You can nudge a culture in a direction by aiming a bit higher than reality, but if the gap is too wide, it will only create cynicism and disengagement. So yes, don’t talk until you’re ready to walk the talk.

Fresh presentation. Awaken the possibilities in your team by presenting the aspirational qualities of your brand in fresh, easy-to-digest ways. In the example above, the video infuses its centennial messaging with a warm, personal unfolding of what makes the hospital unique.

Let your employees talk. Instead of pushing out a corporate message, interview employees and let them tell others what it’s like to work in your organization. This provides an authentic voice that can be very persuasive.