The Secret of a Successful Video

Are your corporate videos getting results? Here’s a quick checklist that can help you increase their effectiveness.

  • Make the opening seconds compelling, since viewers decide whether to continue within the first few seconds.
  • Make your content valuable—and signal where you’re going early on.
  • Keep clear of distractions like sloppy editing, careless or jumpy camera work, poor lighting, bad sound and poor framing.
  • Make sure that graphics and special effects help deliver the message. Flashy treatments without purpose can actually diminish a video’s effectiveness.
  • Make it just the right length—which is as long as it is compelling. While viewers do have a short attention span, if the content is relevant, they’ll stay with you.
  • If it includes interviews and testimonials, make sure the speakers have appeal, convey authenticity and are well groomed.
  • Check the momentum. Does it lag in certain places?
  • Include a call to action like asking the viewer to subscribe to your channel if you have fresh regular content.