10 Things You Can Post on Social Media


Not sure what to post that will interest your followers? This list of 10 ideas from Michael Hyatt can get you started.

  1. Share a resource. You can point people to a news item, a blog post, a website, a software tool or anything else you think would be helpful to your followers. Share the link to the resource.
  2. Repost another’s post. Occasionally, you will read something from one of your friends or someone you follow that you just have to share with your friends.
  3. Make an announcement. Whenever you post something new to your blog, select winners in your contest or start a new business, tell your followers and provide a link for more information.
  4. Reveal something personal. This is what humanizes you and makes you real. It is also what connects people to you and builds trust.
  5. Ask a question. One of the beauties of social media is that you can crowd-source your research. Use the “wisdom of crowds” to do everything from finding a great restaurant to solving a specific problem.
  6. Provide a discount. If you have an opportunity for your followers to get a deal or save money, share the love. Just be careful you don’t use this as an excuse for spamming your followers.
  7. Reply to a question. Remember that first and foremost, social media is intended to be social. It’s all about the conversation. This means you need to reply to questions people ask you if you are to be taken seriously.
  8. Report what you are doing now. This is something that also humanizes you. If you are doing something particularly interesting, share it with your followers. It’s often useful to include a link to a photo.
  9. Offer your congratulations. Use social media to celebrate the accomplishments of others. Don’t make it all about you. Be generous with others and you’ll find it comes back to you.
  10. Wish someone well. Whether it’s a simple “happy birthday” or  “congratulations on your promotion,” social media provides a way for you to call attention to the people you care about.