Celebrate Your Milestones

A company milestone—whether it's an anniversary or a major achievement—is a not-to-be missed opportunity to:

  • Inspire more loyalty in your customers.
  • Help employees become more purposeful and focused.
  • Reinforce culture. Encouragement and increased sense of purpose is a great motivator. 
  • Improve employee engagement. Want to improve service or quality? Celebrate employee successes to reinforce the behaviors you prize. 
  • Make work more meaningful. Employees who are inspired by the grander purposes of their work will do better work and be more loyal.
  • Reinforce brand messages. Been around 100 years? Talk about the ideas that made this milestone possible, and your vision for the future.
  • Encourage high-level goals. Employees focus on the ideas leaders and organizations talk about. 
  • Make other necessary communications serve a dual purpose—like pairing the celebration message with a community benefit report or holiday greeting card, for example.
  • Thank your customers, volunteers and the people who made you successful.

Need some inspiration? >>

This short video uses an anniversary to showcase how the organization benefits the community—while acknowledging the role of the community in the success. The message becomes “look what we did together” rather than “look what we did.”

A hospital’s deeply held values are brought to life and tied to the celebration message in this video.

This video recognizes employees, physicians and volunteers by showcasing White Memorial Medical Center’s employees sharing what it means to work there.

Combining a holiday message with a centennial message is a good way to stretch your marketing dollars—and stand out from those dull pre-printed greeting cards.