Reinforce Mission and Purpose

Is your mission widely embraced? Does it inspire your employees? Compel customers?
A mission statement represents an organization’s mission—and a strong mission attracts both customers and employees. But a mission statement alone is only inspirational when it is arrestingly delivered and it aligns with corporate talk and behaviors. Mission, first and foremost, has to be something leadership is clear on, committed to. From there, consider these strategies to galvanize your mission:

Take out the guesswork. A clear mission statement creates corporate focus, which helps employees decide what’s important. But if your mission is weak, wobbly, or in a constant state of flux, your organization will lack momentum and lean towards chaos.

Create a mission statement that’s clear and inspirational. Deploy fresh, arresting language. 

Make sure it’s evident to all what it looks like when you achieve your mission.

Deliver your mission statement in fresh ways—and in lots of places: 

  • Post it on the walls and have employees sign it.
  • Print it on your collateral. 
  • Make a desktop/tabletop version. 
  • Bring it to life in video or motion graphic for your website. 
  • Create a mission screensaver. 

Be patient. Deliver your mission message consistently over and over; by the time you’re tired of it, it will just be taking root. 

Need some inspiration? >>

In this short Web video, we helped a hospital speak to their grander purposes and mission as they celebrated their centennial.

When employees talk, people listen. In this video, employees reinforce the sense of purpose and mission that this hospital prizes.

Pictures, music and motion—with a little added explanation for depth—combine to make this mission statement come to life.